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We are a group of amateur technology lovers. We are IT Professionals and so we starve to dive deep into the ocean of technology. We daily spend hours on internet to surf number of blogs and articles to learn lots of things and to know How stuff works at the core. With the passing of the time, we have come across lots of wonderful websites and blogs who have shared their passion towards IT field and have explained things simply and yet deeply with full technical details. We found our inspiration from these sites and decided to come up with this blog to help the people to understand things very easily.

We are trying our best to cover each and every side of IT field, and to provide you with simple and easy articles of transforming IT field to make you stand with the knowledge of technical field in the market.

The articles posted here may or may not fully published by us, some articles are purely written and posted by us, while some are equipped with the combined words from different websites and our own research and others are purely posted with the reference of specific website or blog.

In our team, we have sharp software developers with vast experience, network admins with vast knowledge of hard and soft components of computer networking, Qualified penetration testers and security experts who have sound knowledge of security aspects, and hardcore lovers of gadgets and techno-electronic ‘TOYS’.

We are happy to help you should you have any doubts! Suggestions and feedback are heartily welcomed.

Enjoy your reading, and always keep yourself curious because When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do