Stop WordPress From Ever Logging Out

You don’t always want to login in WordPress – so I’ve turned off the login for my local development environment, since I don’t need it. So far I know two ways how to do this, which I want to introduce you briefly.

Decide for yourself which is the right way for you if you don’t need a login at all or just want to change the time frame before you logged out again.

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13 Steps to Learn & Perfect Security Testing in your Org

This guest blog post is part of an Atlassian blog series raising awareness about testing innovation within the QA community. You can find the other posts in this series under the QA Innovation tag.


It is becoming more common for software applications to be written using web technologies, and for users to want to access them from anywhere, using an internet connection. Security of browser-based applications is very different from how things work with traditional thick-client architecture. There are far fewer boundaries between different web sites inside the browser than between different pieces of code that run on your computer under the control of the operating system. Security testing is therefore a very important part of testing web applications, which means that these skills are growing in demand for QA teams. Even for an experienced tester, web application security can seem daunting. How do you start building up these skills? Where can you turn to for more information?

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